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Proiectoare led moto Trail Tech Equinox LED Dual Light Kit
250 €
Trail Tech Equinox LED
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Trail Tech Equinox LED lights are built rugged and off-road tough.

This brand new LED technology outputs 800 lumens in a tight, well-designed form. Their focused, forward lighting allows extreme visibility in night-time conditions. They’re bright too; 800 lumens produce a lot of light.

A button on the back swaps between high, medium and low output - allowing you to either conserve battery life or all-out assault the night. Hardened glass lenses, vibration isolation and machined aluminum bodies help them to have a hardy lifespan.

•Kit includes: Two Black LED lights, handlebar & flat surface mounts, & wire harness
•Works with all Trail Tech's specialized mounts; Flat surface, solid post, handlebar or helmet
•Switch between high, medium and low beam
•800 lumens
•15 beam angle
•1 year manufacturers warranty
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