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Genti laterale moto Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags SET
Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddle Bags
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Wolfman went all out to create the Expedition Dry Saddlebags. They designed these bags to be durable and 100% waterproof for the most adventurous and aggressive riders around.

They started with burly 22 ounce and 34 ounce vinyl, and used cutting edge Radio Frequency technology for completely sealed seams. With an ultra-stable mounting system. These sturdy bags attach to the Wolfman Rear Side Racks with what is possibly the easiest mounting system available.

The Saddle Bags have two straps over the seat and each bag attaches to the Wolfman Rear Side Rack with 4 points for maximum hold.

The mounting straps double as compression straps to keep the load attached and tight. The mission was to create a functional, sturdy and quick release Saddle bag system that will act as one with bike and rider.

An internal Butterfly stiffener, stiff back, bottom and front, which helps the bag retain shape and allows the load to be compressed tightly.
•Will only work with the Wolfman Rear Side Racks.

Features include:
-100% Waterproof fabric - 22oz body and 34oz bottom.
-Radio Frequency welded seams.
-Waterproof roll-top with no-wick webbing.
-Multi Compression straps to cinch the load tight.
-Recycled tire-rubber backing pad.
-Extra tall opening for size adjustability.
•Sold in pair
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